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Don't mistake this nipple condition for yeast

1. Protect your nipples with proper sun screen when you are outdoors and in a bathing suit.

2. Cleansing and mild moisturizing should be enough to have healthy breast and nipple skin.

3. Breast and nipple bacterial infections are common and usually not serious.

4. Yeast infections of the nipples usually appear with a classic look of grey or crusty color to the nipple surface, and also are common when breast feeding and can cause the nipples to look red.

5. Come for consult if it's not clearing up. When medication and proper care fails a culture is in order. And we found this infection was actually MRSA, a type of staph infection that is acquired in the community. It is really not common to see a significant infection with a virus, so we think lactating moms and their babies are not at risk for MERS. MERS is not to be confused with MRSA as it is a coronavirus infection, not yet reported to be associated with lactation.

6. Prompt treatment aids treatment resolution, so call your gyno and don't self treat.

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