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11 questions you wanted to ask your gyno about tampons

1. Why does my tampon leak! Tampons usually work, but you might get some bleeding around your tampon, which is annoying, but not necessarily a medical problem or "too loose a vagina" or one you need to see your gyno about. Whether or not you get bleeding around your tampon has more to do with what the capacity of the tampon you are using actually is, than either the amount of bleeding, the fiber of the tampon.

2. Can I push my tampon too far up? Women may not get their tampon in properly, but generally we do. For the most comfort the tampon is supposed to sit all the way up, with at least part of the tampon reaching to that top third of the vagina.

3. What material should I use for my tampons? Women think that all cotton tampons are the safest but there is really no data to show that all cotton, or cotton organic is any safer a tampon than a tampon with some rayon.

4. I heard some tampons contain asbestos, is this true? NO! Tampons you can find to buy do not have asbestos.

5. Will using tampons cause me to get vaginal infections. The chemistry of your vaginal is not much changed from tampon use, although one recent study showed that bacterial infections (BV) are slightly more common after tampon use. Most studies show that rates of yeast infections, vaginal irritations and overall chemistry isn't much different from one tampon brand vs the other.

6. Can I use tampons if I have a super light flow? Yes.

7. Can I get Toxic shock from tampons? Toxic shock still occurs but it's pretty rare. The package insert for a tampon will say that overly long use of a tampon will increase the rate of TSS, but it's really not shown in studies to be true. TSS is caused by a particular staph that causes TSS1 the important toxin, so you have to have the bacteria, product the toxin and you have to be susceptible to the toxin,and actually these three together are rare, the majority of us get exposed and are immune to that type of toxin. Some gynos still say wear pads at night. 1/5 experiencing soiling, bypass, exceeding capacity of tampon, fiber characteristics, fluid acquisition, Postscompression, squeeze out, fluid gets left low in the vagina, and the new one doesn’t hit the tampon. Signs of TSS may be subtle and can be flu like but they recommend they remove their tampon and consult your provider.

8. Is an organic tampon the best? Organic products generally are thought to be certified against contaminants in the fibers of the fabric of the tampon. However no study proves organic tampons are better and they do cost more.

9. What if I think I actually inserted a tampon sideways? They rotate into position, don't worry!

10. My tampon is uncomfortable! This may be due to a variety of issues: slippage, pre-existing infection, vaginal anatomy problems. For this, we do suggest seeing your gyno.

11. Can a tampon degenerate during use? Although there was recently a recall of a major brand for tampons that did lose their form during use, it's not really a problem anyone should encounter.

12. Can tampons cause yeast infections? Tampon use as opposed to pad use should not change your risk of getting yeast infections. Large clinical study, 110, double blinded crossover, of the tampon Pearl and one of their currently marketed products, wear time, vaginal pH, changes in flora, visual and microscopic examination examination, subjective diary symptom evaluation, stinging itching etc, they measure yeast, mostly as candida, no different across all those parameters, wear time and they did not show that any of these factors changed from wearing tampons.

13. Do vaginal tightening procedures change your tampon size? Vaginal tightening procedures with ThermiVa can help to restore anatomy, to the extent that you were having problems with tampon use, these treatments should help the tampons be more comfortable.

14. Can you wear a tampon right after sex? Yes, if you are on your period, tampons are not designed to absorb semen for women not on their period..


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