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Discuss the best way to get calcium in your diet as calcium supplements may have other risks

A new study shows that calcium supplements alone more than doubled the risk for a type of colon polyp called serrated sessile adenomas or polyps (SSA/Ps). When calcium and vitamin D supplements were given together it more than increased risk by 4 x. Increased calcium in your diet has always been thought to be protective against colon polyps and colon cancer. Dr. Seth D. Crockett, from the University of North Carolina's Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Chapel Hill, reported their findings of over 2200 people who had a polyp removed by colonoscopy. They then had a 3-5 year calcium treatment phase, and a 3-5 year follow up phase, to discover this shocking new finding. Calcium and Vitamin D may have other benefits, and they have suggested individuals particularly smokers have to weigh their risks and benefits. For study details you can go to

Gut. Published online March 1, 2018


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