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Is he wearing blush?

Even men can blush with that slight glow of blood rushing to the skin, but overgrowth of blood vessels accompanied by thickened skin causing bright red skin patches may be a sign of rosacea. Men get a slightly different type of rosacea, which may need medical management. As we always recommend, regularly consulting a health provider to address your specific concerns will keep you the healthiest.

  1. Men and women both do get Rosacea. It is a skin condition; but flares are precipitated by anything irritating: could be hot food, or extra sun and wind exposure, or medications.

  2. Men are most likely to have the type of rosacea that causes a thick nose. There are actually four subtypes of rosacea, but all cases have the flush, most have inflammatory papules (red bumps), some pustules (pimples), and clusters of blood vessels (telangiectases).

  3. Rosacea effects on the skin can be minimized by care to keep your skin moisturized, and protected with suns screen. Some people will have these conditions in a background of a dry sting or swollen face.

  4. Rosacea is only rarely associated other symptoms such as eye symptoms, so if your flushing has dry mouth, or eye itching, consult your health provider for a better diagnosis.

  5. Red nose can be worsened by alcohol. Certain other triggers that make the flush worse, and helping you skin is to learn them and avoid your triggers.

  6. Skin care items are available that control the red flares and available at Hada Cosmetic Medicine.

  7. If a man has a big nose, the most effective way to treat is with laser. Effective treatments can also include topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics, retinoids. Consulting a trained laser therapist can help you plan your treatments.

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