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Breast Size Enhancement, Naturally

Breast size is mostly genetically determined, and these days perhaps more often than not, enhanced by the right bra or the right surgery. However there are also health reasons that women have breast size changes over time. Pregnancy and weight gain are two reasons for breast size changes, and in most cases it is an ultimate reduction in breast size. Weight gain generally makes your breasts enlarge, effects vary quite a bit, and not a good health strategies. Medications, including hormones and contraceptive pills, can stimulate breast growth, and the loss of estrogen with menopause and aging will cause breasts to shrink. A side effect of some medications, for instance spironalactone, is breast enlargement as well as sometimes the production of milk secretion, which is a medical issue that needs to be checked out before you try self dosing with herbals. A considerable amount of research has gone into the science of breast cell and breast gland growth and development. But here are certain supplements that some research says can that allow enlargement of breasts naturally:

  1. Dong Quai Root : It is considered to be the ultimate tonic for restoring the hormonal balance in the body. It not only leads to the enlargement of breasts but also is very effective for preventing diseases. Remember, Breast are the most sensitive part of women, enhancing sensitivity, enhances the function meaning breast milk production, which ultimately is thought to be the most important benefit!

  2. Red clover : It is also source of calcium, chromium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin C. Red clover also a very rich source of isoflavones, known as a category to be a hormone stimulant and it has been reported as is very effective for breast enlargement. Red clover as your extra potassium is important as 92% of the population doesn't consume an adequate amount of potassium. Look to you diet for other sources if you aren't getting enough.

  3. Fenugreek seed : The extract of the seed accelerates the development of mammary gland due to its rich content of phytoestrogens. Fenugreek seed extracts can be used for preparing a number of dishes and consumption is not a big deal.

  4. Hop flower : Yes, also hop flowers are a rich content of the compounds flavonoids which accelerates mammary gland development and also regulates hormone production. Hop flower can be consumed in various ways and multiple recipes can be gathered from the internet.

  5. Mexican wild yam root : This is a very good source of beta-carotene diosgenin which are very helpful in promoting optimum breast development,. To make this a source of progesterone, that takes a chemistry lab, however.

  6. Saw Palmetto berry : It is a source of physosterols (type of plant estrogenic hormone) containing oil which is very effective in reversing the atrophy of mammary glands. Hence, this is a powerful agent in the process of breast enhancement.

  7. One can also take recourse to watercress leaf which is a rich source of folic acid, Lucein and vitamin E which are important components in breast enhancement. Also, there are several other benefits associated with vitamin E like improved blood circulation and thus improved breast sensation!

  8. Butea Superba is a plant that has rich contents of phytoestrogens (some of which include miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, coumestans). These contribute to the enhancement of breasts and are also used in hormone replacement therapy. These are beneficial for skin and hair.

  9. Dandelion root is effective in the formation of new breast cells and tissues in the culture dish, so it should work in real life, perhaps. It is, therefore, important for the purpose of breast enlargement.

Men tend to ignore their breasts, but these herbals can enhance the health of a guy's breast too, so when cooking and sticking some dandelion, fenugreek seeds and and hop flowers into your salads, you are giving him a bit of a breast boost too! For monitoring your breast health, don't forget your yearly appointment: or 217-356-3736

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