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Hair there? Some facts regarding excessive body hair

1. Excess body hair is not uncommon, if defined as male-patterned hair on the body of a women it occurs in about 10% of all women.

2. The excess body hair may be the first sign in teen years that a young woman's male hormone levels are excessive, but of the medical causes it's usually due to chronic lack of ovulation.

3. Actual virilization with deep voice, shrinking breast, changes in the body including enlarging clitoris is due to more severe male hormone excesses.

4. The total number of potential hair follicles is set genetically and we have all of them that we will ever have by 22 weeks of fetal life. Hormones, obesity, and other factors have minimal impact on these total numbers. So a hair removed, is a hair gone.

5. It is more likely your body hair growth is related to local skin levels of the male hormone DHT an active form of testosterone.

6. Male hormone sensitive hair is thicker and darker, and considered our sexual hair. That hair is on the face, the chest, the lower abdomen, the pubis, and in your under arms.

7. Body hair undergoes the same cycles of growth that other hair does.

8. SHBG and your body hair.

9. Males have more facial hair than females because

10. If you have an endocrine problem, all hairs, not just those in the sexual areas will grow.

11. Estrogen have the opposite effect of testosterone on hair, higher levels will cause body hair to be thinning, finer, and actually lighter.

12. Progesterones doesn't affect hair grow.

13. The anagen or growth cycle time is affected by hormones. Oddly, androgens will increase the time body hair spends in growth, but decrease the time scalp hair spends in growth.


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