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Erection problems that no one discussed with you

Many men either have or worry about having erectile dysfunction (ED). Although some women might believe that popping a pill of Viagra will fix all the problems, having ED can mean other serious conditions that can’t be so easily fixed. It can also be caused by certain disorders that you might not have thought about. Here are some potential diseases and disorders that can cause or be caused by ED:

  1. Stroke and/or Heart Attack – Experiencing ED translates not enough blood reaching the penis. Arteries carry blood from the heart to the penis (as well as other places in the body), and so ED symptoms can be signs of artery blockage. Since arteries in the penis as narrower than arteries elsewhere in the body, ED could be a precursor to heart attacks or strokes, which occur when not enough blood is reaching the heart or brain.

  2. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) – There is constant plaque build-up in the arteries, which can cause both strokes and heart attacks, but also an irregular heart beat and heart failure. Studies have shown that having ED under the age of 45 can mean serious risk for CAD.

  3. Diabetes – The high levels of blood sugar in the body can not only affect blood flow but also nerves, which can in turn leave you at a high risk for ED.

  4. Dementia – According to a 2015 study, men with ED are 1.68 times more likely to develop dementia than men who don’t. However, this study only demonstrated a relationship between ED and dementia, not that ED causes dementia, or vice-versa.

  5. Prostate Cancer – Having prostate cancer doesn’t cause ED, however the treatments used (such as surgery and chemotherapy) to fight the tumors can. For surgeries, when a prostate is removed, nerves around it can get damaged and cause ED. For chemo, nerves and blood vessel damage can cause ED.

  6. Liver Disease – Research shows that the more severe liver disease you have, the higher the risk for ED. Those with liver disease have elevated SHBG, which is a sex hormone, and less albumin. This combination decreases the levels of free testosterone of their bodies and therefore make it harder to achieve an erection. (Alcohol abuse can cause liver disease, so it is important to limit your alcohol intake if you would like to keep your sex drive and erections afloat).

  7. Condom Associated Erectile Dysfunction (CAED) – Is there a change that condom usage can limit your performance in bed? Yes. Will condom usage cause chronic ED? No. It’s always a good idea to use a condom, as there are other ways to combat CAED, such as size of condoms and lubrication. Additionally, if you are still worried about CAED, consider trying the P-Shot. This shot will help with the firmness of your erection, sexual capabilities, stamina, sensation and pleasure, as well as enhance appearance and increase blood flow. The P-Shot additionally improves and/or resolves prostate discomfort and urinary incontinence. If you have any questions or would like to try the P-Shot, call Women’s Health Practice or Hada Cosmetic Medicine and schedule an appointment.

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