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Bike Happily and Safely

1. Exercise programs should include activities for aerobic conditioning, activities for strengthening, and activities for stretching. Each sport/workout will use it's own set of muscles and ligaments and the most fittest among us participate in various sports, not just one type of exercise.

2. As for curing gyno conditions, it is possible to have lighter periods and fewer cramps with exercise. On the other hand, if your menstrual periods are changing or you have bleeding during any workout, that is a reason to be evaluated for any underlying hormonal problems.

3. Whenever exercising while pregnant be sure to get the thumbs up from your obstetrician, there specific health guidelines in pregnancy, and as your pregnancy progresses your center of gravity improves.

4. Read the labels of any new medication: if dizziness is a possible side effect then you are safer to bike after your have adjusted to your dosage.

5. Occasionally women have disorders of the external anatomy that make biking not comfortable at all. This can vary from disorders of the labia to disorders of the pelvic floor. Examination is important to figure out what is truly and issue and not a transient skin infection such as from yeast.

6. Do think about the rules of the road and the gear you will need. Here are some tips I found for you to read. Biking can be done happily and safely, but sometimes you may want to discuss with your gyno! 217-356-3736 WHP


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