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Keeping vision bright and beautiful

Sunscreen Your eyes, Wear appropriate corrective Glasses, Avoid Smoke, Don't Overly Candle Your Environment!

To keep your vision bright and crisp, even the sun screen you select is very important. There are many causes of vision compromise as we get older. Age-related changes in the important structures of your eye can lead to poor vision, in fact, macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of legal adult blindness. Nutrition, rest, keeping blood pressure normal, and cholesterol low, are factors, but there are some special considerations for women. Women's hormones, and their use of hormones, and their use of some common gyencologic medications might influence all of the major causes of vision changes as you get older. Interestingly, there are some simple fixes as well. Using proper sunscreen and eye protection helps against all medical conditions of the eyes. We have specific recommendations. Other important causes of blindness, all of which you can be screened for include:

  • 1. Macular Degeneration

  • 2. Glacoma

  • 3. Cataracts

  • 3. Diabetic and Sugar Related Eye Damage

Hormones and the risks of Glacoma:
Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness as we age, and it is due to pressure on the optic nerve. Eye pressure alone doesn't always lead to pressure to the optic nerve it self. As we age and have increased pressure on that nerve we lose visual acuity as well as have risk of blindness

If you are on hormonal birth control about getting a regular eye exam. Taking oral contraceptives for more than 3 years doubles a woman's risk for glaucoma, according to a large population-based study which included Ye Elaine Wang, MD, from the University of California at San Francisco. Dr. Want presented the findings at American Academy of Ophthalmology 2013 Annual Meeting. Her data was from the NationalHealth and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The participants completed vision and reproductive health questionnaires and underwent eye exams, so the conclusions were based on very strong information. Knowing this you may want your the eye docs to screen for glaucoma by age 40, especially if you have or are using birth control pills, there is no recommendation to change contraceptive use. Do report any vision changes when you are on oral contraceptives. Most often the things I discuss with patients regarding their eyes and hormonal changes including oral contraceptive use is dryness, irritation, and decreased vision due to these conditions over time.

There is also information that hormones can help your vision. For overall eye health and questions regarding eyes you may want to check the American Academy of Ophthalmology pregnancy the side effects on your eyes can be the dryness. Some fluctuation in hormone levels can also cause eye pressure changes which can lead to poor fit of your contact lenses at a minimum, and even can lead to vision changes for others.. . Pregnant women have lower risk of glaucoma during pregnancy, this is likely due to factors other than hormonal changes. It is also been shown omen in menopause on estrogen decrease their risk of glaucoma.

Another reason to think about your vision: having a hysterectomy?! A little talked about fact is that women who have had premature removal of their ovaries (prior to age 40) have increased risks of glaucoma as well. As we transition through menopause women c/o dry eyes as well. Sometimes the hormones in birth control pills can cause affects on our eyes, such as these same pregnancy changes: with the side effects as well as the benefits!. But other medications, not just hormones like estrogens, birth control pills, and corticosteroids, can have eye and vision changes.

Another medication gynos prescribe for heavy menstrual bleeding is Lysteda, has an uncommon side effect of an eye irritation called llignenous conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an irritation of the eye surface that can be cause by infections or toxins, and other medicines can have that effect as well. Overall eye health has many facets, and we cannot discuss them all.

Other heath concerns your vision:

When listing the benefits and side effects of medications often the infrequently occurring medical consequences are not discussed. We know that vitamin A can improve night vision.

Evaporative dry eye condition is one of the most common reason we have dry eyes, and it is in part due to chronic tear duct clogging as well as other minor inflammatory conditions of the eye. Tears are one of the most complex substances in our body containing over 1500 proteins and having three layers one of which contains the proteins, one that contains oils, and one that contains oils. A healthy diet helps to preserve the tears, but lifestyle like too many hours in front of a bright computer screen can make eyes even drier. Warm compresses do help.

Smoking is harmful to your eye health for instance. Meanwhile, it has been shown that antioxidants are good for your eyes. In fact one study showed that even the topical antioxidatants that are used to help prevent sun damage can help your eyes and enhance the effect of sun screen. So next time you grab for your shades, grab your sunscreen as well, or come on over to find out what we recommend at Hada Cosmetic Medicine!

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