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This Works for Menstrual Pain in Your Friends, but it Will Never Work for You

Menstrual cycle pains still remain a mystery, although we do know a lot about their cause, and thankfully can treat most women.

  1. A common question for gynos is: why do these treatments work for other women, but not for theirs. Some women, with no additional medical factors, have dysmenorrhea cramps literally because of the contraction of the uterus.

  2. Other women have cramps due to the uterus being starved for oxygen during the menstrual period. Some women probably have local production of substances that literally sting and cause both inflammation and pain.

  3. Still other women apparently have cramps due to clots dilating the cervix as they pass.

  4. Women with endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and infections have reasons for their pain that extend beyond straightforward menstrual cramps.

  5. In spite of the curative properties of NSAIDs on menstrual cramps, at any given time between 10-20% of girls miss school with menstrual pains. So you should see your gyno if you are missing school for menstrual cramps that can be treeted.

  6. NSAIDS are NOT effective for menstrual cramps for 18% of women.


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