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What does it mean to have Thick Semen?

Wondering why your partner’s semen appears unusually thick? If it is anything serious? First things first, don’t panic. Many men naturally produce thick semen. However, things begin to get a little dicey when other symptoms arise, such as texture changes. But first, let’s look at some characteristics of healthy semen:

  1. White, grayish, or yellowish color

  2. Smells a little like chlorine or bleach

  3. Jelly-like texture that turns watery after ejaculation

  4. Slightly sweet taste

So, what causes semen to change textures? Semen naturally changes texture when ejaculated, becoming a more watery consistency after being exposed to air for a certain number of minutes. Thick, textured semen also indicates a higher sperm count, and therefore a higher chance of pregnancy. However, if your partner’s semen suddenly changes consistency, it could mean a number of things:

  1. Dehydration: Semen is primarily composed of water and so if a man doesn’t drink enough water, their semen will thicken.

  2. Hormonal Imbalance: Semen contains many hormones such as testosterone and other steroids that provide protection to sperm as they travel through the vagina’s acidic environment. Hormone levels are impacted by age, diet, and level of physical activity. Hormonal imbalances can result in thicker semen with irregular shaped sperm, which affect the semen’s texture.

  3. Infection: Genital infections increase the number of white blood cells in the genital region, which decreases the amount of semen produced. It can also reduce sperm concentration in semen, which will decrease fertility. The infectious bacterial can both attract white blood cells that in turn attack sperm and cause sperm to stick together, changing the texture of the semen.

It’s important to listen if your partner mentions that his semen texture and/or consistency has changed recently and schedule an appointment with a health care provider. Be wary of symptoms of painful urination, unusual discharge, and genital swelling, as it could point towards an STI (sexually transmitted infection) and should be treated immediately.

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