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Simple living health tips to keep you well

It's not just germaphobes that need to do a bit of extra cleaning. By neglecting every day tasks you may be harming your health. After all, exactly when did you last sterilize your nail tools, or vacuum your mattress, beat your down comforter, or switch the baking soda box in your fridge? Health is not just avoiding sweets and fats, increase exercise, drink more water, and take vitamins as simple home remedies, there are other everyday tasks that make us healthier and smarter. While you are playing brain games on your iPad, a quick walk has 5 times the ability to improve your short term memory as a brain game! But many women are missing opportunities to do simple things that can increase their health. You're thinking 8 hours of sleep, reapplying sun screen, more flossing, check the basement for radon, and disinfecting your cell phone; and yes, these are quick simple health fixes as well. Literally there are hundreds of things you can do, but here is a list of another 10 simple things that women can do to enhance their everyday health:

1. Do not use aerosol sprays or if you use, use in open spaces, this includes not spraying kids with sun screens, it's not a good idea, you can get particles in your lungs and we already have a lot of lung disease having been exposed to air pollutants over time in our cities.

2. Change your pillow at least every 1-2 years (accumulates germs), for more on sleep go to sleep organization

3. Own and use disposable masks and gloves so that you can use around chemicals, or offer to ill friends who might insist on coughing non stop when visiting

4. Do not keep medications past expiration dates; bring them into your doc, they can easily dispose.

5. Clean, but don't worry too much about 'green' cleaning, most of it is not exactly necessary

6. Love your pet! Keep pets well washed and groomed.

7. Check house plants as hidden sources for mold

8. Mix your own: what ever you can salad dressings, veg dips, anything you have has preservatives that are good to avoid; and you can add in some lower calorie tweaks to the recipes!

9. Read cooking books and think about new and varied diets, each food has it's own mix of nutrients and basically there are no end to suggestions on this topic!

10. More sex, it makes our endorphins high! Sex with orgasms are even healthier, you get the idea: more is more her!

11. Stretch after exercise to avoid DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness)

Thing s that don't work: avoiding chocolate for prevention of acne, not verified in health studies!

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