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Protect the girl parts from powder

Vaginal symptoms need proper diagnosis and treatment, and a lot of powders advertise healing powers, but girl to girl, you probably should mostly avoid those powders in the sensitive vaginal and vulvar tissues. There are at least three good reasons to steer away from body powder use near the private parts for gals:

1 If your powder contains talc it is not healthy and some medical research states it can lead to ovarian cancer.


3. Actually the fine grains can cause micro tears in sensitive tissues, so for the vaginal regions this makes STDs easier to catch.

4.Treat the specific symptoms that you have: if you have odor, get a diagnosis for the reason, it may be simply a matter of a minor infection such as bacterial vaginois.

5. If you have itching, again, infection, irritation or allergies are probably the cause. Most of the vaginal powders won't cure these, and they may delay you getting in for proper care.

6. Don't just coverup odors, get them tested and treated. Especially if you think the odor is urine. If you have incontinence, speak to your gyno, so many women suffer with many years of pad wearing without being given a proper diagnosis or treatment. If you have discharge: a quick and cost effective microscopic test by your gyno called a wet prep can help you diagnose what is wrong, then treatment, not powder is the answer.

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