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Bladder pain syndrome

For most women bladder pain signals a urinary tract infection. Especially suspicious for a bladder infection if the pain just began, or your pee is bright red with a bit of blood. Yetin some women the bladder infections just seem to come creeping back. This could be due to resistant organism infections, or other conditions giving you bladder pain, but not being an infection. Although most UTIs are due to the common bug E. coli, if the type of antibiotic you were given can knock out normal bowel bacteria you may find yourself with a resistant bug. but perhaps there is more to it. Pains that are more than just when you do urinate. When Does pain with sex, lower abdominal pain, and just plain pain with touching: during sex, pelvic exams, self, especially if the pain is more concentrated in the top wall of the vagina, G-"area" (gynos don't call it a spot we call it an area) something else is going on. And when this becomes a syndrome instead of just an infection or just an itch? Well, recurrent symptoms make one part of the diagnosis of Bladder Pain Syndrome. Tests make up the other. And no, can't get out the mirror and figure this one out. Get an appointment, this one you figure out with your gyno.


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