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Birth control pills sparked the sexual revolution of the 1960s, but have the pills of 2010 stopped i

Was it just the philosophy of the Hippie and the Free Love movement that sparked the sexual revolution or was it the advent of effective birth control and the advocates it found in the scientists and physicians of the day as well as the free speaking President Lyndon Johnson? But something maybe missing in ones desire to participate in those free ways, and it may not just be fear of STIs or inhibitions. It has always been a question as to whether the depressed estrogen and testosterone in pills, accompanied by the fact that less active hormone is available, accounts for the low libido so many women report. Dr. Larisa Gracia and her research team at the University of Pensylvania has tackled this subject in first time ring and contraceptive patch users published this January in Fertility and Sterility. Her work showed that if you switch from the pill to the contraceptive vaginal ring you might just perform a bit worse. But, interestingly, those that switched to the patch might have been just a bit better. Males can feel the ring at the time of intercourse, at least some can. And most women don't remove the ring during sex even though it can be safely removed for 3 hours without lacking effectiveness. But women still really liked the Ring in this study, so it always is important to look at those priorities! Discuss with your Gyno if you do not have the libido you want: maybe adjustments can be made!

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