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Freckles, the word, quick: What do you think of? Sawyer teasing Kate in Lost, sure, me too. But the name has had other connotations from angel kisses to witch marks or called in the 17th century “stigmata diaboli” and others call them sun-scribed tattoos. Medical term: Ephelides from the Greek word for freckles. They can be cute, but then again, they are sun damage and where sun has been wrinkles, thinning of the skin, blotchy pigmentation, irregular vessel growth and for some precancerous changes will follow. Did you know behavioral biologists Drs Karle Grammer, Bernard Fink along with one skin experts a Dr. Paul Mattis found that skin tones alone impact our perceived age by a range of up to 20 years independently from the look of wrinkles (Harpers Bazaar, Au, Nov 08). Lighter skin tones are thought to look younger, no matter what their ethnic shading. So scrutinize the mirror and see what’s there. Then lets talk, there are some skin therapies that can be helpful for improving pigment, other facial treatments can be effective, there are pigment peels, and then there are laser treatments. We usually advocate lasers with the the best effectiveness and the most minimal downtime. The goal will be to continue skin health.


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