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The right birth control pill for heavy periods

Many physicians prescribe oral contraceptive pills to control heavy periods, but a study, used for the FDA approval for treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding can help us understand just how effective this type of treatment is. the study enrolled patients who had simple heavy periods, it was not a study of patients with cysts or fibroids, but the basic heavy bleeding during your regular cycle. By definition if we bleed less than 80 cc per time of menstrual period then it's considered normal. For the study of effectiveness the patients were enrolled who were losing more than double that amount of blood per period. The patients were also complaining of cramping. The treatment was the birth control pill Natazia, and they were studied for about 6 months, 7 cycles. For the first month the group decreased in bleeding just a bit, but by the second cycle the bleeding was cut down to a fourth of what it was, on average 40 ml, or half of the amount of a "normal" cycle. there was additional improvement for the who 7 cycles. By the 7th cycle on Natasia most patients only lost less than 20 ml for their entire menstrual period. And about one third of patients stated they had complete symptoms relief. Other birth control pills may be as effective, but this is an excellent study to show why this particular birth control pill may be a good choice if you have heavy, prolonged or frequent periods! Have you had a chance to try this alternative?

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