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Top ten signs of low testosterone in a woman

1. Thinning of Pubic Hair. In some cases this just means hair loss, in others it may mean the hairs are changing and becoming thinner.

2. Loss of Pubic hair, patchy loss may be more likely to be a skin condition but still a reason to check out your levels.

3. Loss of Sexual Desire, this can be to the point of not wanting sex at all.

4. Loss of Muscle tone, this can be accompanied by fatigue and generally feeling flat

5. Diminished sense of well-being, not usually to the point of depression, but more women with low testosterone are diagnosed with depression than those with normal hormone levels.

6. Loss of Sexual fantasies and dreams.

7. Thinning of Vaginal Tissues, this is complicated, as it's so much more likely with low estrogen, but low testosterone can cause this too.

8. Vaginal tissues less Responsive to Hormone Therapy, estrogen and testosterone seem to work hand in hand.

9. Decreased ability to arouse, some studies show that direct application of testosterone to the clitoris will improve arousal.

10. Decreased ability to have Orgasm

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