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Put a condom on that app

Your dating app probably doesn't need a firewall as much as it actually needs a condom. The California Department of Public Health revealed this shockingly stable health statistic: for the third year in a row the STD rate increased. While the initials STD...for Sexually Transmitted Disease and STI... for Sexually Transmitted infection roll off our tongues in a hip and wink wink way, apparently no one is paying attention to the clear "transmitted" part of the message. Soaring rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia will take it's toll on fertility and chronic pelvic pain, and soaring rates of syphilis will have the heartbreaking consequence of passage of disease to unborn children. All three of these disease have accurate tests, readily available, as well as affordable cures, and are mostly prevented by condom use. Here are a few 'tips'

1. Get screened when you have a new partner

2. Repeat that screening, you and your health care provider can decide when, but don't assume monogamy, statistics are not so optimistic

3. Both women and men should be paying attention to symptoms, especially pain, burning, discharge. Even 'flu-like' symptoms could actually be an STD

4. Stock up on condoms, and use them

5. Get treated with antibiotics after unprotected sex with a partner who has not had recent screening or unclear history

6. Get treated if you are diagnosed, and your partners treated

6. Follow instructions for repeat testing after any treatment

For appointments contact, WHP

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