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Diet that can prevent uterine fibroids

Patients have many factors that can cause uterine fibroids. And we do not mean to suggest that you caused your fibroids through poor diet. Here are just a few tips in how to eat to help lower your risks of fibroids (an hint, many of these strategies show a positive effect for endometriosis pain as well. Studies regarding dietary effects on fibroids suggest some of the following tips. :

•Eat a plant based diet. Fruit especially decreases risk. It is also wise to eat other aspects of the Mediterranean diet such as olive oil, and a bit of garlic (cousin to the Allium plant you see above!).

•Significant consumption of beef and other reds meats (almost doubles your risk of fibroids. To summarize eating plant based diet will halve your risk of having fibroids. .

•There is not a lot of research but dairy products, but not soy products, is related to fibroid risk in. There was no confounding effect of soy consumption, or almond milk which is often a substitute for dairy products in lactose intolerant women.

•Extra sugar in your diet is not healthy for fibroids.

•Dietary vitamin A from animal sources may also be associated with decreased fibroid risk

•Also, vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency can increase fibroids,

•Caffeine consumption is generally not a risk factor for fibroids, but some small studies do increase risk of fibroids in young women under the age of 35

●Alcohol, be moderate, increasing amounts of alcohol especially beer increases fibroid risk.

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