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Why was everyone turned on by this movie except for you?

Did you feel like the odd person out when you seemed to be the only one of the girlfriends not turned on by the movie designed to arouse?! Women can respond to a sexual turn on with a variety of emotional responses, you might feel your nipples harden, or that feeling in the pit of your stomach, but your biggest turn on clue is lubrication. And you won't respond with lubrication or hardened nipples if you suffer from low cortisol and low DHEA secondary to chronic stress.

More studies need to be done about sexual response and cortisol levels. Chronic stress is known to have negative effects on ovulation and thus can lead to delayed fertility. But little is known about how chronic stress affects the sexual response cycle.

Oddly the cortisol affected the brain arousal more than the actual physical responses to erotic films, in one study. Literally the high stress group was simply distracted!

And the higher the stress levels the higher the cortisol levels, and the higher the cortisol levels, the less arousal women reported.

Cortisol and DHEA can be measured by either blood or saliva. Stress can be managed, It's time to come in and discuss a plan.


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