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Weight lifting for better skin

Did you realize that weight lifting improves your skin!

Overall fitness can also improve your skin, as can normal estrogen hormone levels for women and normal testosterone levels for men, and treating your skin well such as quitting smoking.

Just hitting the gym regularly helps with that beautiful glow by nourishing your skin, but a few other steps are necessary, we will even recommend how to moisturize, protect your skin from light, and cleanse after workouts!

But whether you can moderate the use of cosmetic treatments like facials, fillers, Botox, lasers, ultrasound and heat treatments, and just do some heavy lifting to improve the facial physique, that is debatable debatable. We have muscles in our face, so overall facial structure can be improved by exercising.

As for the skin itself there's no current plan to be able to firm it up just in the gym! How firm your skin is basically the same question as to how much collagen, thickness and elasticity you skin has. And the exact nature of your skin elasticity also has to do with you skin tone, too much DNA breakdown and the skin isn't healthy.

At Women's Health Practice and Hada Cosmetic Medicine want to help our patients understand the principles behind skin care, and understanding what makes the skin firm is important. Firmness of skin has to some extent become a marking term without a real definition. As your skin care professional what we want for your skin is a natural amount of skin rebound (to a gentle pinch or pluck), appropriate skin tightness, overall good skin tone; and all of these components are just a bit different than just the skin elasticity. Building the skin structure by improving elastin or collagen fibers through the use of appropriate treatments or products will help firmness.

The best firm skin will have both emollient properties and, what we've been talking a lot about, high water content and stay moisturized. So again, making your skin firm and making it moist are really doing the same thing, we want to make your skin full of water!

And just like we want to strengthen the skin, but not exactly put you on a weight lifting plan, we also want to make your skin full of water, and not only drinking a glass of water will do that! And remember, when it comes to skin and making that love connection William Shakespeare said: “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” So to our love, it's of course deeper than the skin.


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