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Home hacks that prevent hair loss

We do lose hair daily, that is the way old split hairs repair with young healthy ones. The appearance of the hair can thin from this hair loss. It is also possible that hair is just getting thinner. Thinner, devitalized hair will appear like you are losing hair. Getting hair analyzed properly can help determine if you are losing your hair.

First hack: be patient! Hair loss just synchronizes a larger proportion of hair loss for a short period of time. This likely will resolve on its own in about 6-8 months.

De-stress. All body systems that are not essential will slow and eventually halt if you are stress.

Be prepared, and stop over prepping hair as you age, do you really need to pull so hard, tousle hair instead of hang heavy rollers now and then. At age 40, we start loosing the hairs on our head, literally. They cease to be there, we start to drop from a max of about 100 thou to 150 thou, to, well, lets just say "fewer." About 70% of women by age 80 report significant hair loss.

Sunscreen your head. Hat or sun screens will do. The follicles can literally shrivel and die just from getting sun burned, eventually even the stem cells of the hair on your head will not return if burned often enough.

Treat scalp sun burns as you would treat any burn. Healing a sun burn can help prevent hair follicles from dying.

Wash your face! Dirt along your hair line will get into hair follicles and cause microscopic infections that can contribute to temporal balding.

Soften your hair, soften your scalp. Home applications of olive oil or coconut oil will prevent glands from drying, and that will help the skin of your scalp. What's good for the scalp is generally good for the hair follicle as well. And oils can help get vitamins such as E directly to your hair shaft. Almond oil can help get magnesium, calcium, and iron.

Essential oils, a few drops of lavender or rosemary can help improve your hair follicles as well. Don't have time? Pop the drops into leave in conditioner.

If your head is itching make sure you aren't allergic to your shampoo, allergies if manifest in the scalp can increase hair shedding.

Vitamins, stable diets aside, getting in higher doses of D, C, E, and a normal amount of iron in your diet orally will help hair grow. Biotin is especially good for your hair as well.

Proper diet helps hair. Protein and fresh vegetables, and go organic so you minimize toxin exposures. Omega-3s anti-age hair, skin, and body. Check your menu, get them in every day.

Scalp massage. Circulation is good for the hair!

Exercise, meditation, and proper rest, again, they all help circulation!

Self hormone checks: if you are a woman are your cycles still normal, have the character or distribution of your hair changed. Under the influence of the male hormones the fine hairs on the body start to coarsen. So hairs that might have been downy, soft, basically so you never noticed, they now become thicker and darker and seem to have "appeared" out of no-where. Rather than specifically age related it is more years from menopause related. Subtle signs will tell you when it's time to visit the gyno to make sure you are balanced, and that will have the secondary benefit of keeping your hair healthy. We also offer PRP scalp therapies when these home hacks don't work. Call 217-356-3736 to get an appointment at WHP Health.


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