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8 Ways to Stop Menopausal Skin Itching

  1. Balance your hormones, this is first, Sweating produces extra skin minerals such as sodium which makes your skin itch

  2. Balance your gut health, stagnating levels of bile through your liver and gall bladder will increase itching skin

  3. Your cholesterol lowers

  4. Consider BIHT or BITe, bioidentical hormones can be the solution in a few ways. If you are on other hormones you may tolerate these better.

  5. Treat With IPL, Some itching is just due to excessive dryness which photofacials of your arms and legs can correct

  6. Laser hair reduction, especially under the arms can help heal sweat glands and prevent itching

  7. Skin moisturizing, here you have a number of choices, but the key is to build skin moisture with products that don’t just form a barrier, but heal.

  8. Normalize liver health, this may take a bit of testing and medical advice.

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