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BV: New medication and new advice

A new option is for women to treat BV so head in to the gyno to discuss!

In September of 2017 the FDA handed down approval for secnidazole in a 2 mg tablet for the treatment of BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) in women. It is administered as a packet of granules, and you need to consume them sprinkled on soft food. Eat the granules within 30 minutes and do not check or crunch them, nor dissolve the granules in a liquid drink. Now available by the brand name SOLOSEC. But here are things you should know about BV:

  1. BV is simply an imbalance of microbes in the vagina.

  2. You don’t have to have symptoms to have this condition, but it’s best to have the balance in check

  3. While acutely BV is unlikely to cause a problem, it has been linked to PID, miscarriages, premature births, and even infertility.

  4. Antibiotics usually are the cure, but douching with hydrogen peroxide can be beneficial.

  5. It probably is transmitted sexually, but other factors leading to the health of the vagina being disrupted can affect BV such as gut dysbiosis, sugar abnormalities, etc.

  6. Many health care providers do recommend treating the male provider

  7. Using birth control pills will decrease your BV risk

  8. Using condoms decrease the risk of BV

  9. The newest medication, SOLOSEC can, like other treatments for BV, cause yeast infection. Women should stop breastfeeding for 96 hours after the medication. Headaches, GI symptoms and vaginal itching are the most common side effects.

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