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Sweet kissing with a healthier mouth

Even if mistletoe is no longer hanging everywhere, but you just want to be ready to say yes to a kiss if you want to! So at we have many solutions for hydrating your lips, and brightening your smile with the perfect hyrdofacial lip treatment or that hydrating lip polish, our our new HA5 lip treatment, here’s a bit of advice on keeping those kisses sweet with the healthiest mouth possible! Three are surprising causes of Bad Breath,l like too dry a mouth, and the wrong kind of diet, and here are our solutions for you so you can have a healthier mouth and sweeter kisses , beyond just brushing, flossing and seeing the dentist!

1. The 3 to 1 rule: drink 3 glasses of water to each glass of alcohol; dry mouth after a night out encourages the bacteria that cause bad breath.

2. Take your scraper to work, play and workout! Your tongue needs attention, so give it a good scrape when you need too!

3. Ketosis diets can cause, well ketosis, which is an excess of ketones which exhaled as well as circulated. Maybe it's time to balance the diet for awhile!

4. NetiPots can keep sinus passages a bit free of bacteria and prevent post nasal drip which can be smelled on your breath.

5. Get tested for infection of the stomach, for that you need to see your primary care provider. These are treatable.

6. Medication adjustments. A side effect of medication can be bad breath. Depends on the medication to be able to tell you what the root cause is. Poor metabolism of a mediation can be the cause of this as well. There are sophisticated tests that will help us determine if you are on the right medication.

7. Switch from dried fruit to fresh fruit. Too much dried fruit is like consuming high fructose drinks, both can leave sugar residues that make your breath bad.

8. Effective heartburn therapies, if you still have heartburn after trying what you could round up at your local pharmacy, time to talk to a doc!

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