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Help your guy fight fatigue

We need to help each other combat fatigue, no science here, just duh for the most part as most people violate pretty much all of these

1. Tell him if he snores, and if so he has to get a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea

2. He never hits the doc for blood tests, a simple CBC can tell him if he’s anemic, or has deficiencies of iron, B12, folic acid

3. Get him off the headlines and into reading a book now and then, your mind has to clear and refocus

4. Get him to smoking, or cut down, and decrease all smoke exposure (second hand)

5. Have sex, all types will do, they give both guys and gals energy and enhance function

6. Put him to bed earlier, we all rarely get enough sleep, and really enough, not just enough for you

7. Go to bed at the same time each night, yes then get up each day too, biorythems count for guys and gals!

8. Avoid caffeine after 6 pm

9. Avoid alcohol after dinner

10. Fast as many consecutive hours per day as possible, 16 hours of no eating is best at least once in awhile

11. Stay hydrated, and stop anything that is preventing you from being that way, heavy bleeding, low blood sugar, high blood sugar

12. Work it: work out

13. Meditate, you need your secret word

14. Get him to try yoga, or just increase his flexibility, stretched muscles are healthy, in every sport

15. Help him understand what finding chi is really about

16. Manage stress

17. Dream and plan together, everyone needs too

18. Skin brightening has been shown to have positive psychologic benefits, give him little skin care gifts (with instructions)

19. And if you can “be happy”, pass it on


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