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A Period After a Hysterectomy?

  • After a hysterectomy there is no uterus, and women stop having menstrual periods. Bleeding vaginally, whether it is light or heavy is not normal.

  • Initially after the surgery, for days to weeks, vaginal bleeding is normal while the tissue heals. Your gynecologist will then release you to routine care once you have healed. After that point it is not normal to get vaginal bleeding.

  • Normal exercise should never really produce any unusual vaginal bleeding, and this is especially true if you have had a hysterectomy.

  • Vaginal atrophy and thinning can cause bleeding after a hysterectomy, particularly if the ovaries have been removed, or you are of menopausal age. Simple therapies with healing treatments to the vaginal walls can keep that tissue healthy and you shouldn’t see any pink or red bloody discharge.

  • Sex after you have healed from your hysterectomy, or sex play with toys done properly should not produce bleeding.

  • Irritation of the lining of the vagina can produce some slightly pink discharge, but actual blood passage is not the norm. However, it's not uncommon to develop a small nub of tissue where the stitches repaired the top of the vagina. This is called granulation tissue, it is not cancerous, it can bleed, especially with exercise and sex in this case. It is most important to know that granulation tissue is easily treated. So be sure to come in to your gyno and be evaluated for this if you have had bleeding after a hysterectomy.

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