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These steps will make your laser hair reduction more effective

The Location of Excess Hair

Hair pattern distribution is a reflection of our hormonal state. Various conditions of hormonal imbalance can cause gradual or rapid hair distribution changes. If there is excess hair growth it is called hirsutism, and that is typically excess hair on the upper lip, face, earlobes, lower abdomen, between the breasts or elsewhere on the trunk, arms or legs. The true medical diagnosis also refers to 'terminal hair' not the fine downy hair that is also possible to get in these same regions but has other causes. Causes can really only be determined after testing. Dieting can alter hair growth patterns. Hair needs nutrition, and hair loss can occur if the diet is too rapid,.

Get the Score

The extent of hirsutism is measured by a measurement system the Ferriman-Gallwey score. To the extent that you have hair loss is measured by the Savin scale.

Blood Tests You Need.

Tumors of the ovary or the adrenal gland or some cases of PCOS can produce so much extra male hormone that instead of just hirsutism there is virilization with receding hair line, hair loss, and clitoral enlargement with voice deepening. Why do we get mustaches or deep voices when we become menopausal?!? We all have that ying and yang balance of male and female. Before menopause our ovaries make both estrogen and testosterone. And a bit of the boy gene along with a bit of the girl gene is just what our gyno recommended: for our personality. But when it comes to hormones: most women function best when their balance is keeping those male hormones in check. If there you have too many male hormones relative to your female hormones just from your genetic predisposition you can exhibit these same physical effects such as unwanted hair, male baldness, acne or deepened voice, and it's more likely to be due to minor imbalances rather than massively high male hormone blood levels.

Acne Can Appear with Excess Hair Growth and Laser Treatments Can Help that as well

If the imbalance becomes even more dramatic, then the skin can show other these other male hormone effects including acne that can be the cystic type that leads to scaring, and male-pattern balding (androgenic alopecia). Most commonly the acne occurs from that place in the gland where bacteria invade. The hormonal stimulus triggers the plug that keeps bacteria in and allows a pimple to form. It is possible to have the effects of either hirsutism or virilization from medications as well, and your gyno can help you sort out the side effects of what you are taking. Medical therapies such as using birth control, metformin, or spironalactone can work, but over time. Hair reducing strategies such as lasers work more rapidly, and can help treat acne. So to calm these medical conditions down: head both to a gynecologist and your anesthetician!

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