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When Your Dreams Make You Blush

Dreams are still largely an uncharted territory. Carl Jung more than a century ago split with his mentor, Sigmund Freud, over the meaning of these dreams. Jung tried to emphasize spiritual nature of our dreams and Freud explored the pure animalistic, instinctual and sexual nature of men and women that he believed carried into their dreams. If libido or orgasms are an issue, we often discuss. The topic is still being studied, and here are a few facts:

1. Men have more sexual dreams than women according to some studies of sleep.Jennie Parker of the Department of Psychology at the University of the West of England asked 100 women and 93 men between the ages of 18 and 25 the sleep diaries were analyzed for how sex is in dreams, both good dreams and bad dreams.

2. Unlike study where we are learning new things, the knowledge of a dream is believed to be a window into what you think or have experienced in the past. Often dreams will be of a sexual nature, with or without orgasm. So to do we try to understand sex dreams, and what it means for all of our sexuality.

3. If you report you are dreaming about sex, women are less likely to orgasm in their sleep.

4. Men complete, and men dream of having sex, even in their dreams, compete over sex, and we know this from studies that reviewed their writing in their sleep journals.

5. Females according to this study had dreams of kissing, and if there was sex, they were watching others have it. In female dreams, less activity altogether of any physical nature.

6. Dreams do have recurring themes, and they are reflections of your life and your hopes. One thing that participants and researchers in sleep studies always seem to agree upon: sleep is one area in which keeping journal is of critical value.

So rummage under the bed for your uncompleted notebooks, dust off those pencils, and when you awake, write something down! And bring it to your next appointment to discuss!

7.If the sex in your dreams is scary and you are basically having nightmares, well, yes that is potentially a normal report of how women tend to 'dream' of sex, if they have had sex in their dream, they are in some studies to report their dream sex was more likely to feel it was a nightmare than pleasurable. Some nightmares themselves are part of a group of sleep conditions called parasomnias meaning some of the physical or emotional perceptions that occur during sleep can be unwanted.

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