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His and Hers Aspirin

Many people can benefit from taking a low dose aspirin a day, but whether you are a guy or a gal can make a big difference. Our physiology varies, and what lies in our genetics makes some medical advice better than other medical advice. No where has that been more true than with aspirin as a prevention strategy. The risk of stoke goes up with menopause, women have fewer strokes prior to menopause than men, after menopause they have more. So for stroke prevention, men need to start earlier than women taking regular aspirin, although always ask your personal physician!

According to the study Risk of stroke in women may come down to a compound the body produces from estrogen known as 2-methoxyestradiol (2-ME), in other words some built in stroke prevention that helps the brain heal. Men have such lower levels of estrogen, they just never get enough of this compound to be protective.

Women and men differ in their aspirin benefits, but both sexes could potentially benefit from daily aspirin making that hers and his aspirin bottle worth sharing (after personal consultation, can’t say that enough) after all. The newest data shows women who had breast cancer and then take aspirin have fewer recurrences. We know that women can get lower ovarian cancer if they take aspirin. The both men and women could benefit from aspirin as colon cancer protection

The story on heart attack and stroke prevention still favors aspirin for men and not necessarily for women. These recommendations are also well studied based on your genetics and what your body does to metabolize aspirin. And as for the original indications for aspirin: headaches, pains, and fevers: well men and women both get those as well!

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