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Are your girls hurting?

Eliminating Breast Pain

Painful breasts are not uncommon, and here are answers to the most common questions and problems that can be resolved easily when we work together as a team.

1. Do Painful breasts mean I am pregnant?

Not typically although early pregnant patients do have breast symptoms, but if you suspect, run a home test. Breasts can be painful in early pregnancy, but diet can also be a culprit and proper diet can minimize even the breast discomfort in pregnancy

2. If I have painful breasts am I drinking too much caffeine?

Many studies say this is true, moderate and see how your symptoms are. Newer studies say it’s less likely to be caffeine intake and more likely that your diet needs more beneficial fats.

3. Will breast pain be resolved by taking the birth control pill?

For brand new start pill patients a temporary transition that includes breast pain is not uncommon. For most over time the steady hormone levels provided by daily hormonal contraception prevent that pre-menstrual breast pain that can come with hormonal cycling.

4. Can medicated IUDs like Mirena or Liletta cause breast pain?

The low levels of progesterone medicated IUD users have in their blood stream could cause breast symptoms, but not very likely.

5. What medications are most helpful for breast pain?

First adjust your diet, look at your fitness routines, and your bras and that may be enough so that you do not need medication. It is important for women to each get their own personal health care advice, but if you are needing actual medicaiton, but ibuprofen, tylenol and heat are what most women will try first.

6. Should I get a mammogram if I have breast pain?

Breast pain alone won’t change your need for routine screening mammograms. If you are over 40 and have other indications, yes you may need to begin mammograms. If the pain is severe you need a diagnostic mammogram. Generally speaking we currently support shared decision making when it comes to starting, repeating and continuing mammographic breast screening..

7. Does it mean something different if only one breast hurts?

Bilateral pain is more likely hormonal or a generalized condition. Pain that is localized to one breast might be more likely to be a symptom of something that needs an exam. Single breast pain can be caused by a single cyst, trauma, a nipple condition, or other conditions. It is not likely a cancer, but of course that is why we do screening exams.

8. Can breast touching during sex cause breast pain?

Rough sex can cause discomfort but actual pain or bruising is abnormal, if either occurred consider an examination. Breasts should not be too painful to touch, that requires medical evaluation.

9. If I have breast pain should I do a breast self exam?

Yes, and report any concerning findings to your physician.

10. Can an infection cause breast pain?

Yes, if your skin is warm or red, you need to be seem promptly by your medical provider.

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