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What does CURT want you to know about his condoms?

CURT wants you to know all about his condoms. Who is CURT? CURT wants to solve your condom problems, actually everyone's condoms. He's the driving force behind the most progressive research we have on condoms. CURT is the Condom research branch of the Kinsey Institute.

'KI-CURT' as the team is more accurately known has done it's homework with over 50 scientific publications and two book chapters on various condom questions which they say in their webpage includes scholarly research on how to get the most pleasure with condoms, sexual arousal, fit and feel, use errors and problems, erection difficulties, circumcision status, motivation, self-efficacy, relationship type. In 2012 CURT edited a special issue of the journal Sexual Health: Condom use to prevent sexually transmitted infections: a global perspective, but it hasn't stopped there. Most of us gynos tell the couples "use condoms" but we don't really give primer. And other than trying them out we don't really tell you whether to use latex, polyurethane, silicon, 'Natural' skin (lamb's intestine).

CURT has learned a bit about why condoms slip is also a topic of important research. In some studies of men who have sex with men over 40% reported slippage.

CURT is trying to figure out how to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs that could of been prevented, but wasn't because the couple didn't use them consistently (when they should). Yes we have to discuss it: pre-cum

How often men put them on upside down, and why you shouldn't just quickly turn it over (if you've already done even only one or two thrusts).

So CURT wanted you to have a better condom and pushed for the newly approved O-ring condom, if you haven't check it out!

Condoms DO prevent all STDs, including those that happily monogomous couples do not think is an STD: the Zika Virus which can be sexually transmitted, experts are trying to get the word out that condoms can help prevent transmission of this infection in couples as Zika has been linked to human birth defects and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and 1/7 babies born to Zika exposed mom have been found to have problems. Thus if one partner has been infected use condoms for 6 months.

Poorly controlled depression affects condom use as well as all sex performance. It should come as no surprise that life affects sex. CURT is looking into links between all the factors, not just alcohol and drug use, that control whether condoms are used in the first place. Men are less likely to use condoms consistently if they have untreated depression.

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