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Happy 21st birth day, here's what your gyno wants you to know


1. Time for your first pap smear

2. It's time for your first pelvic exam

3. You wont' need a rectal exam, unless you are having symptoms

4. Time for your first Clinical Breast Exam

5. Time to discuss your Reproductive life plan

6. It is not yet time for your first mammogram

7. Your gyno wants to begin discussions about your mom's history: did she have a diagnosis of breast cancer, endometriosis, abnormal pap smear, uterine cancer, or cystic ovaries. All these conditions have a hereditary component and may be able to be prevented.

8. Ask your gyno anything, your history and medical visit are private. If you want your mom to be able to come in to the discussion, that is perfectly fine as well. Most gynos say, do a bit of both, have a chance to ask questions with and without your mom in the room.

9. You need to discuss sex, and how to prevent getting pregnant, and how to prevent getting infections.


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