A Most Versatile Women's Herb

June 23, 2018



Many cooks may list basil as one of their favorite herbs. There may be nothing so fragrant or calming as the deep almost licorice smell of basil wafting in the kitchen window from the kitchen herb garden. Over antiquity basil has been attributed to have so many healing properties, they are almost too numerous to count.In folklore basil offerings to Erzulie the voodoo goddess of love will cement a relationship!  Basil plants come in many colors, fragrances, and aromas, and from a pure foodie standpoint, you can't really need more of a reason to feast on some pesto sauce, or savor in rice, salads or with some mozzarella and tomatoes. Natural antibacterial compounds do exist in basil, and it is one reason chewing basil can freshen breath. But  just putting basil in sauce this won't help your acne unless you use cooled basil tea as an actual on the skin toner, or even as a shampoo rinse to help prevent acne around the scalp.As a woman's herbs it has been reported to help regulate cycles and smooth menstrual crams.


Although basil tea has long been used

 for menstrual cramps in many cultures, but it’s a myth, never been scientifically documented to work, so if you do have menstrual cramps, it may be time to come in to discuss other solutions! Women's Health Practice 217-356-3736.







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