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The surprising thing women say about orgasm, even on Valentine's Day

This may be a surprising fact to all about orgasms.

Women universally will state the act of being loved, being hugged, and engaging in all types of cuddling and hugging is the pinnacle of sex and that actual orgasm itself, a nice culmination; but oddly not the ultimate joy in the bedroom.

The master scientists of sex have ‘come around’ to that which women knew for centuries libido and orgasmic medical issues as one entity with a common physiology. We still recommend having the best orgasms you can! Improving orgasms can improve the desire for sex.

First of all very few women will never have had an orgasm, but if you do not have orgasms, check with your gyno to see if there is a treatable condition. If you are determined that you do not have anything medically wrong, there may be various treatments. Adjusting medications, checking for medical problems like blood sugar issues, hormone treatments and medical therapies.

One treatment for orgasm improvement has been the PRP treatment of the clitoral area, one is improvement of the vaginal tissue, and the other is treatment of the G spot also termed the g area or g region. This area can be improved with PRP treatment. The vaginal walls can also be rejuvenated with fractional CO2 laser therapy wht MonaLIsa Touch, and RF treatment with ThermiVa.

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