Why You Should Quit Sweetners

March 11, 2018



By evaluating the diet drink data we point out to our patients at Women's Health Practice these symptoms and conditions that have been linked with the artificial sweetener aspartame


1. Bladder pain

2. Irritability

3. Difficulty with thinking

4. Behavior changes

5. Craving high-calorie foods

6. Type 2 diabetes


It's always best to get any serious symptoms checked out, and clearly the symptoms above have many possible causes to explore before attributing them to your sweetener consumption, but yet, consider the evidence if you are consuming many diet drinks. There are several artificial sweeteners on the market and much of the study has actually been linked to the sweetener aspartame. Initial aspartame studies focused on the lack of calories in the agent, and thus it's ability to lower your daily calorie intake, more research show that there are possible health consequences. We do not think sweeteners cause cancer, that has been well researched. And the CDC has said there is no evidence for the existence of serious, widespread, adverse health consequences from use of aspartame as per Dr. Marie-Eileen ONieal, as reported in the Sept 1017 clinical reviews.com However when the sweetener aspartame is broken down in your body it releases amino acids, and then it further breaks down to methanol and then eventually to formaldehyde and formic acid, both of which may be responsible for some of the symptoms in long term high consumers of these products. The above mentioned symptoms/medical issues have been statistically linked with the use of artificial sweeteners, so if you are not going to quit their consumption, consider moderation!




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