A women’s health and wellness blog about gynecologic health and common gynecologic concerns and conditions such as sex, contraception, menstrual periods, hormones, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and PCOS. The latest women’s health research, breaking health news,  fascinating facts, curious gynecologic history, current therapies, our guy’s health, fitness, nutrition, weight management, and advanced medical testing discussed by a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist: Dr. Suzanne Trupin.


January 5, 2019

January 2, 2019

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December 30, 2018

You have 7 million eggs as a female fetus that is 5 months old. However we only ovulate 400 eggs, and human females start losing viable healthy eggs before they even enter menopause. Having a later menopause means that you will be healthier. Many years of health ovarian hormone exposure is good for much of our health. The...

November 20, 2018

Hot flashes in a menopausal woman comes from the aging ovaries inability to ovulate any longer and finally the shortage of eggs and withdrawal of and then chronically low levels of estrogen.

Mostly hot flashes occur in women transitioning through menopause, but women who have low estrogen for other hormone imbalance reason...

November 6, 2018

In the 1920s it was thought that 'normal' fertility for couples was 100%. Whether it is labeled 'normal' or 'common' we now know that infertility is actually  present in about 10% of couples. and there are some simple fixes that can help couples conceive. Quitting smoking, both of you, is important.

1. Smoking is the least...

October 19, 2018

1. Extended use of hormones is not necessarily bad. There is no upper age limit prescribed by research.

2. Dosages don't need to be adjusted as you age, they probably should be.

3. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHT) may be safer and like your body's hormones, but this can be a myth as well. BHT means any menopausal hormone...

September 25, 2018

Everyone can do some exercise, everyone can work up a sweat, exercise is accessible. So if exercise can possibly work to treat your hot flashes, why would you not try? One fact is shown in research over and over: the more sedentary you are, the worse your menopause symptoms, including hot flashes, are!

1. Exercise will aff...

September 18, 2018

I suggest you begin the conversation about how you will transition itno menopause with or without hormones early, there is a lot to discuss with your gyno! Many women can transition easily through menopause. We recommend that our patients begin to read about their changing hormones in their late 30s, by age 40 come to rev...

August 30, 2018

Our chronological age is not exactly the same as our biologic age. Just like we can 'look young' or 'have the muscles of a young body,' we can have the biological age of a young body on a cellular level.

This is linked to the age of our chromosomes, and known as the epigenetic age. The chromosomes undergo aging called DNA...

August 10, 2018

You started hormone therapy, so what happens when you stop. A group of New York researchers out of Columbia in conjunction with scientist at Bethesda and Gynuity and Christiana Care Health Systems in Newark, DE looked at weight, your cholesterol, and other chronic disease progression, such as hypertension, in women stoppi...

June 27, 2018

1.Migraines should be diagnosed by a health care provider. Migraine sufferers have headaches, but often they will have warning symptoms as well. Some of the warning symptoms are vague and some are more typically recognized as migraines. These may be nausea, light adversity, odd sense of smell or even vomiting. These non-h...

June 19, 2018

Usually biologic clock talk in women conjurers up the notion of pregnancy, but it refers to our longevity as well! Menopausal hormone therapy begun as menopause was starting was associated with lower mortality in countless studies in the last century. Mostly that was thought to be due to less cardiovascular disease. It wa...

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