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January 5, 2019

January 2, 2019

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When we imagine those who are against the use of contraception, including condoms, our minds typically drift towards some churches. However, it wasn’t just the strict teachings in some churches, nor just the fact that condoms weren’t legalized in the US until the 1930s that disapproved of the use of condoms. For, condoms...

Many men either have or worry about having erectile dysfunction (ED). Although some women might believe that popping a pill of Viagra will fix all the problems, having ED can mean other serious conditions that can’t be so easily fixed. It can also be caused by certain disorders that you might not have thought about. Here...

We at Women's Health Practice advocate always practice safe sex, and for most people, that means using a condom during intercourse. But, what’s frightening is that only 5% of men around the world actually use a condom, which is really low, considering the goal is 100%. Not wearing a condom can put you at risk for not only...

October 1, 2018

Some days are more fertile than others, if you time sex during those times you are more likely to get pregnant; if you time abstinence during those days you are more likely to not get pregnant. So in truth, tracking cycles is both a contraception method and a fertility method, all in one!

1. This method is very old, and s...

 Since 1971, Nevada has been the only state that allows licensed brothels to operate and employ around 300 licensed prostitutes. As of 1986, the sex workers in each brothel must undergo mandatory medical examinations for gonorrhea, herpes, and genital warts, as well as monthly blood tests for syphilis. Additionally, in or...

September 28, 2018

Most often health care providers say they never get their patients to come right out and ask their embarrassing questions right off at the start of an appointment, so lets just air these topics right now, and if you still have questions: you know the right answer: get to your gyno for an actual check up, and a discussion...

It’s dark outside; the water is warm; you both are barely clothed. Seems like the perfect time to start fooling around, right? Well, water sex might sound appealing at first, but when it comes time to actually doing it, complications start to emerge.

Having sex in water could give rise to infections and underwhelming sensa...

September 12, 2018

Here are facts about weight gain and contraception:

1. If you think you have gained weight you probably have gained a few pounds. Keep track of your weight when beginning a contraceptive method.

2. Studies do confirm that some women gain weight when beginning DMPA. However, it may be in the range of 10 lbs.

3. Weight gain...

August 21, 2018

If you think your cervical mucus is different when you have an IUD, it may be. Most women won't notice changes in their vaginal discharge  when their cervical mucus changes. There are scientific reasons for these changes, as studied at the University of Southern California and Dr. Mishell. The reason that you may notice d...

August 20, 2018

CURT wants you to know all about his condoms. Who is CURT? CURT wants to solve your condom problems, actually everyone's condoms. He's the driving force behind the most progressive research we have on condoms. CURT is the Condom research branch of the Kinsey Institute.

'KI-CURT' as the team is more accurately known has don...

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