January 5, 2019

January 2, 2019

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November 8, 2018

1. The HPV is a double stranded DNA virus that wraps into the DNA of infected cells and stays there quietly. Those quiet infections, called latent, can last very long, but stress or other poorly understood factors can cause the infections to resurface.  HPV tests are considered useful and their use has expanded. The FDA h...

October 6, 2018

  1. Generally speaking almost anyone can have a quietly latent HPV and thus be able to transmit the infection to a susceptible person. The best protection is to get vaccinated against HPV. Previously the HPV vaccine Gardasil 9 was indicated for girls, boys, men and women between the ages of 9 and 26. Now the FDA has ap...

July 2, 2018

When you begin to approach menopause you may not have as much progesterone as estrogen and bioidentical progesterone may be just what you need.

In this time leading into menopause, called, perimenoapsue if you want to get on bioidentical estrogen, you may have some benefits, yet without progesterone added in to the therap...

June 30, 2018

In a new study on urine Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists have detected a way on a urine test to test for cervical cancer risk, and it relates to how our tissue ages,

The world wide vaccine program against cervical cancer is aimed at almost complete elimination of this disease and the other cancers that are caused by HPV...