Can We Edit Genes and Design a Baby?

In August of 2017 a team of researchers in Portland Oregon reported that they were able to change genes in 100 human embryos. This has opened the do to the idea that we can edit human genes and perhaps some day have designer babies. The technology should allow for parts of a gene's DNA to be removed, and another code, presumably something 'more desirable,' to be inserted. The designer baby feature would perhaps be able to fix simple mistakes that nature already fixes in most cases, or perhaps cure diseases that are the result of inheriting a copy of a faulty gene instead of the healthy gene. None of these therapies are able to be used yet, and the National Academies is looking at the ethics and state of the science to attempt to get the public to help scientists determine what we really want to do with this technology. The gene treatments are called the CRISPR technology, and it's potential in health and medicine is very powerful. But for now, having that healthy baby means coming in for a check up, and discussion before stopping contraception and planning a pregnancy.

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