Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment So that Recurrance is Prevented.

Many women don't realize the health significance of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). BV may only be an annoying discharge or odor, but BV can develop into more serious conditions. BV can cause PID which can lead to infertility or chronic pelvic pain, Preterm birth, low birth weight in pregnancy and make other STDs easier to catch. It is not an infection to self diagnose, but come in to get an accurate diagnosis.
Effective treatment is important for BV often will subside and return if not completely eradicated.
When BV recurs and recurs and gets to be frustrating! Often it's a bacterial infection, and then a subsequent yeast infection. And women are left figuring out whether they should simultaneously treat for yeast. there is a new options: treat with standard antibiotic therapy, which is usually metronidazole, and do remember adjust your diet, especially add in probiotics to prevent yeast from colonizing in your colon that can be a source of yeast infection. By taking in probiotics the natural, healthy, bacteria Lactobacillus, increases in numbers which is the ultimate way to normalize the health of the vagina and, in a study reported in BMC conducted by a group of researchers lead by PB Heczko, lengthen out the time until there is a recurrence.
 Treatment failures are also common because women don't complete their treatment. It's important for women to do so. Over 21 million American women have had BV and almost half don't complete treatment. So it's important to see your gynecologist for effective therapy. This is what a new public campaign about BV is all about. Patient's can find information on BV here. .


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