Sex Fix Few Physicians Discuss

Physicians don't like to talk about sex, and they don't like to talk about diet, and few have recognized the now proven link between metabolic syndrome and sexual woes. In a study of post menopausal women, done at the University of California San Diego, there was a clear link between heart heatlth, specifically those with metabolic syndrome and sexual dysfunction. We aren't exactly sure why this would be. But circulation to get our 'juices flowing' and nerve function for o, and enough power of metabolism to get the smooth muscles contracting, are all part of proper sex. Without thees physiologic capabilities you will function poorly in bed!

Metabolic syndrome is a condition that raises the risk of multiple disease and death rates from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. You only need 3 out of the following criteria to have this syndrome.

  •  Waist over 35 inches, or over 31 inches in an Asian
  • Triglycerides greater than 150
  • Fasting Blood sugar of over 100
  • Blood pressure of over 130/85
  • HDL cholesterol of greater than 150
  • (Apolipoprotein B under 90 is abnormal as well but most don't use this as part of standard criteria)
  • And now at Women's Health Practice we add sexual dysfunction.
At Women's Health Practice we explain that is diagnosed by a cluster of symptoms, medical conditions, and blood tests. and that we look at the symptoms as possibly modifiable by nutrition and supplements, exercise, and in some cases medication.. Of the five key components of metabolic syndrome: abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, decreased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and elevated blood sugar (fasting value over 100) we notice the greatest changes in lipids with menopause and aging. Women with this syndrome are more likely to have hypertension, insulin insensitivity, obesity, kidney and cardiovascular disease, decreased liver function, increased total body inflammation, increased fatigue, and poorer gut heath. Factors such as alcohol intake, lack of exercise, smoking, stress and poor diet make metabolic syndrome features worse, and makes the consequences of metabolic syndrome on your health worse as well. Actually almost all of these were associated in the UCSD study with sexual dysfunction, elevated triglycerides, obesity, your waist were most strongly associated. Essentially all women with metabolic syndrome. For women with metabolic syndrome, it is more common for them to have gynecologic conditions that may or may not be associated with worse sex; including uterine polyps also known as endometrial polyps. Endometrial polyps can cause irregular bleeding or be a precancerous condition, and they are important to treat. Some women with endometrial polyps will have heavy bleeding, others will have no actual unusual symptoms at all. Pelvic Ultrasound is the way these polyps are diagnosed. So next time you speak of sex and your gyno asks you to take a some blood tests including a cholesterol and triglyceride test because she is worried you have metabolic syndrome, you may just want to ask if you need an ultrasound as well.The end result with be longer, and if better sex, a happier life!


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