Constipation Fixes After Surgery

Very often women complain of constipation after surgery. There are lots of reasons for being constipated after surgery, anesthetic gases as well as medications given will slow down the colon. After surgery we are too likely to get dehydrated from not drinking enough fluids, and we are too likely to skip routine probiotics. Doing both these things may head off post surgery constipation all together. If you have had blood loss you may be recommended iron supplements that can be constipating. So will not eating our usual diet. And it's not just constipation, sometime the colon can move so slow after surgery that there isn't even gas passing well, or we are getting bloated, or the gas trapping causes us to use extra pain medication! There are plenty of people who routinely use aids to poop that wind up with worse constipation after surgery.  Perhaps you have over used psyllium husk, methylcellulose, calcium polycarbophil, lactulose syrup, 70% sorbitol polyethylene glycol 3350, magnesium hydroxide, instead of improving your diet. Most of those are not actually prohibited before or after surgery, but definitely topics to discuss during your preoperative appointment. Odly a quick fix is what we often turn to: coffee!  Some researchers from Turkey publishing in the American Journal of Obstetrics and gynecology in February of 2017 have come up with this simple solution. But go easy when following instructions, they studied coffee, not lattes! 


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