20% of Young Women With Heavy Periods Have a Serious Bleeding Disorders

We urge women with heavy menstrual bleeding to seek answers, get therapies and if it is appropriate and you are interested, participate in a clinical research trial.  Often we hear about common causes of these heavy periods such as lacking ovulation, having uterine fibroids, uterine polyps, PCOS, or  hormonal imbalance. All these conditions get so much talk on gyno blogs, if we have a heavy menstrual period we assume it's one of those conditions. And it would be smart for your gyno to rule out that cause. But there are other, less common, and more hidden causes of bleeding. In young women is can be bleeding disorders.  If you have had a normal pelvic exam, a normal endometrial biopsy, you seem to have hormones in balance considering you have regular periods, there may be other, actually medical conditions as the cause. The most common inherited disorder in American women is the condition of Von Willebrand's (vWF) disease. If a young women has heavy periods not explained by other conditions it could it be a deficiency of Factor VIII needed for clotting. Von Willebrand factor which carries Factor VIII can be low. When this factor is low, it leads to Factor VIII to be low which can cause bleeding. It check for on a blood test about 1 percent of women will have this. Bleeding Bleeding Bleeding on your Period? The test are now for a whole von Willebrand profile, which includes the vWf antigen, risocetin cofactor assy, factor VII level, and a multimer analysis.vWF deficiency can be a cause, but thankfully not commonly. Actually having this be a cause of your bleeding is lapproximately 0.01 percent, but when other causes cannot be found, it's something to look for!


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