Starvation Is Miserable, And It Didn't Work
Smoothies, and very low calorie days are often healthy in the context of having a stable healthy diet. The goal is to be heart healthy. Have a reasonable body fat and a reasonable amount of muscle within your body type. Actually doing a very low calorie day for long stretches, is essentially dieting by starvation. Starvation or near starvation have been studied for over a century. The classic dietary experiments of Folin and Denis in 1915 were among the early advocates of such plans for very obese individuals. Later regimens championed by Strang-Evans had 660 calories per day and did little to significantly reduce the weight of the super obese weighing between 300 and 700 pounds. In these cases severe hormone abnormalities prohibit weight loss even with this low intake. Low calorie and very low calorie diets have been championed as a path to rapid weight loss, and for some who are merely overweight and modestly obese may benefit from such plans as a way to briefly get weight off. The frustrating rebound of girth has made us re-evaluate all the dietary recommendations.At Women's Health Practice we recommend getting body composition study and then designing the meal plans!


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