Condom Competance! Just Ask!

How do you know if your condom broke? Did you do it right? Can your condom prevent you from getting an STD? Will you still have fun with sex?! Maybe you haven't tried enough brands to know what you like! Maybe we can help you with the right lubricant for you and your condom use!
A WebMD quiz can help you sort through all of this! 
I’ve been reading about this in the journal Contraception, thinking about how and if the condom broke was a big topic. Yes, unfortunately, exploded pieces laying around in the bed after sex, that’s a pretty good sign. So yes, most often, not a trick question at all. But scientific researchers with their headlamps, their magnifying scopes, and their swabs have a whole different take on the question. So what do they test for? PSA. Prostate-specific antigen. It only occurs in men. If found in the vagina after sex protected by a condom, you guessed right: LEAKAGE! Now with the female condom, slippage, invaginating (sort of folding inward), or the penis just going around it, breaking is not the only calamity! And a bit of PSA, perhaps if it doesn’t lead to pregnancy, is it so bad? Well, a group of experts would like each patient to try at least 5 condoms of each type and compare.
 NIH came up with some new research priorities recently and they addressed this very subject of condoms.
The NICHD priorities for studying contraception,
The NICHD wants research to come up with protection against STDs, and pregnancy! If you are interested in this perhaps you would be interested in a new study at Women's Health Practice.
But the bottom line is, whether you think you are fertile or you think you are infertile you may want to use your condom for STD protection.


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