Individual Treatment is the Best as the Hormonal System Ages in Women

The newest guidelines for menopause coming out of the Endocrine Society AACE/ACE has been published, and they emphasize that individual treatments are best. For some women no therapy is necessary, just a lot of education regarding their body's changes is necessary. For the Women's Health Practice educational material on hormonal and health management in the menopause years turn to Making Peace with Change which is a Kindle book for $2.99
In general the Endocrine Society didn't alter it's position much. But there is mounting evidence that hormone therapy given through the skin is safer than oral hormone use. And the strategy of prevention of disease can help needing so much therapy. For example, proper bone building and diet can ward off the need for post menopausal osteoporosis therapy. Then again, if we get old enough, such as living beyond 100, it is postulated that medication therapies may be necessary in almost all of us to keep healthy bones. So we have a lot more to learn about our own unique physiology to help us stay fit


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