The Healthy Way To Style Your Body

Longevity and living well is determined by having the healthiest tissues possible. Being leaner, even if not lean specifically is healthy. We have focused a lot on body height per weight, and as a general measure. The newest concept is to look at your fat percentage. Some experts set these percentages by age, others set it as a single number. Research shows  that greater than 42% body fat is obese for women and greater than 34% for men is obese. These numbers are not set arbitrarily, but above these ranges women begin to get hormonal disruption, dysfunctional fat, and ectopic fat. Secondarily there is loss of muscle medically which is termed scarcopenia. We see this more commonly in vegetarians, especially vegans and carb addicted individuals. The healthiest way to lose weight is to do it slowly, in a controlled way. Weight loss varies over the course of a diet, and not just due to calorie count and exercise. What happens is that as you begin on a diet, if we follow your body composition closely, muscle loss is more intense in the beginning first (5‐26 days of a diet) . To actually lose fat, that process is much more difficult. Fat loss takes longer to start (>300 days for fat loss predominance with standard diets!). Using slim shots, changing the way you eat, CoolSculpting, are all ways to speed this up!


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