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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How Fermenting Food In Your Gut Causes Gas

Have you thought how about how you digest your food lately? Simplistically explained nutrition begins with you ingesting the proper food, breaking the nutrients out of food, and then biochemically absorbing the nutrients. Chewing begins the process. The stomach acid is the next critical step. And then the enzymes of the pancreases and the small intestine break down the major components of food including your cars, proteins and fats. If the fibers from food are not well broken down they cannot be processes in the next sequence of the steps. Finally the nutrients are ready to be absorbed. If you get to this step and don't absorb the nutrients you will never get the full benefit from your food even if you eat well. In addition to unpleasant side effects like gas the metabolism consequences can be diarrhea, weight loss, irritable bowel symptoms, and loss of bone mass. Confounding factors that can lead to gas include gallstones, smoking, poorly controlled diabetes or pre-diabetes and cystic fibrosis. Nutritional confounding factors   Even if the breakdown has been adequate there may still be high levels of food sitting and not digested. And what food sits in the intestine without being absorbed may begin to ferment by the bacteria of the gut. This process can lead to the flourishing of bad gut bacteria. The byproduct of fermentation is abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, flatulence, and other common symptoms of GI upset. The errors in the food processing of any of these steps can be detected with a comprehensive analysis. Once the data is obtained the nutritional confounding variables are usually reasonably easy to fix.

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